Originally, pre-Covid-19 times one or two statewide meetings were planned to discussion drought in Alaska.  But since we are not able to have an in-person Alaska drought workshop, we are moving forward with a webinar series to begin the conversation about drought in Alaska.

Eva Dawn Burke

Eva Dawn Burke’s project titled “Healing Through Food and Culture” and explores the strength, resilience, survival and adaptation of rural communities in Alaska in regards to food sovereignty and security. Specifically, how have these communities used these factors to revitalize their food systems, relying on both traditional foods and agricultural adaptations? How has food, community and culture impacted their health?

Rural indigenous communities in Alaska are on the front lines of climate change impacts and adaptation, with direct and immediate impacts on infrastructure, water supplies, health, safety and the ecosystems that they rely on for food and cultural identity. There are over 30 communities that face imminent threats from flooding and erosion.