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2018ACCAP Annual Report 2018

Science, decision support, and capacity building for climate resilience in Alaska.

2018Alaska Climate Adapters Report

Updated sources of information and an analysis that synthesizes stakeholder comments about what climate adaptation research is needed in their communities.

2019Alaska Climate Dispatch 2018-2019

Written for a non-technical audience, the Dispatch features seasonal weather and climate summaries as well as Alaska weather, wildfire, and sea ice outlooks.

2018Climate Service Needs for the National Weather Service – Alaska Region

Weather, climate, and environmental tools, plus training, needed by NWS Alaska Region climate service providers to improve their ability to meet stakeholder needs.

2018research-needs weather-climate
2016Coastal Change Research and Information Needs Database: Cook Inlet to Southeast Alaska

Excel workbook of projects and information needs in Cook Inlet and Southeast Alaska.

2016Coastal Change Research and Information Needs Database: Western Alaska

Excel workbook of projects and information needs in western Alaska.

2016Coastal Change Research and Information Needs: Cook Inlet to Southeast Alaska

Synthesizes current research and management studies that may help to foster better coordination about coastal change in the NPLCC, help practitioners and scholars learn from one another, and identify information gaps.

2016Coastal Change Research and Information Needs: Western Alaska

Documents the project landscape for communities facing change, decision-makers navigating change, and researchers pursuing projects, as well as funding agencies trying to prioritize where to allocate resources.

2016Energy and Resource Development on the North Slope, Alaska: Detailed Report

Detailed report on future resource development scenarios on the North Slope and surrounding areas.

2016Energy and Resource Development on the North Slope, Alaska: Report Summary

Future resource development scenarios, including current knowledge and uncertainties in socioeconomic and environmental factors that may affect onshore and offshore resource extraction.

2016Extreme Events and Decision Support

Summary of projects that evaluate the process and outcomes of communicating climate science for application and use by wildfire managers in Alaska.

2016extreme-events sci-comm
2014Hollings Scholar Report: Impacts of Extreme Weather Events in Alaska

Using a database of extreme events, an ACCAP Hollings Scholar compiled a catalog of impacts and determined links between extreme events and impacts.

2017Human Adaptation to Climate Change in Alaska: Technical Report

Results of a pilot assessment of climate change adaptation across a range of natural resource dependent sectors in Alaska, with recommendations for conducting climate adaptation research and assessment in Alaska.

2017Nome Tribal Climate Adaptation Plan

ACCAP and the Nome Eskimo Community (NEC) developed a climate adaptation plan with the Nome-based tribes. This includes tribal members of NEC, Village of Solomon, Native Village of Council, and King Island Native Community.

2017Phase II Final Report, 2011–2017

Includes key partnerships, research projects, project evaluations, and outreach activities.

2016Planning for Climate Change

Brief overview of ACCAP’s work in helping Alaskans plan for climate change, in a concise one-page flyer format.

2017Synthesis of Climate Adaptation Planning Needs in Alaska Native Communities

Synthesized tribal climate adaptation needs assessments, workshop reports, and adaptation plans in Alaska to document barriers to climate adaptation planning, and identify gaps.

2017adaptation research-needs tek
2013Tongass National Forest Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

Summary of project findings. By considering various future scenarios, the Tongass National Forest can better manage resources vulnerable to climate change.

2013forests vulnerability
2018Using sea ice and weather modeling data in Arctic search and rescue operations

Potential use and application of radar, satellite, and other tracking data for sea ice and weather conditions in Arctic maritime-related search and rescue operations.

2018modeling sea-ice search-and-rescue