Climate Resources

Forecasting products

world climate service logoACCAP is collaborating with the World Climate Service, a provider of seasonal and sub-seasonal climate forecasts.

Climate adaptation websites

These groups work on important Alaska climate-related issues, and collaborate with ACCAP researchers.

Adapt Alaska: Coastal Community Resilience

Shares science and local knowledge that facilitates monitoring, mitigation, and adaptation strategies.

Alaska Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Network

Facilitates a statewide approach to HAB awareness, research, monitoring, and response in Alaska.

Alaska Ocean Acidification (OA) Network

Works to expand understanding of OA, its consequences, and adaptation.

Alaska Water Level Watch

Works to improve the quality, coverage, and accessibility to water level observations in Alaska’s coastal zone.

Major climate reports

These publications provide a global sense of the challenges presented by a changing climate. ACCAP personnel have contributed to some of these reports.

Thinking "Another climate report, so what?" please check out the linked explanation from our host organization, the International Arctic Research Center, which is insightful and helpful in explaining the national and international level climate reports.

A quick guide to climate reports

A quick guide to climate reports


National Climate Assessment

Summarizes the impacts of climate change on the United States, now and in the future. Hundreds of people—scientists, members of the National Academy of Sciences, a federal advisory committee, and members of the public—collaborated to create the report. Explore the NCA


Arctic Report Card

Tracks recent environmental changes relative to historic records. Written for scientists, teachers, students, decision-makers, and anyone interested in the Arctic environment and science. See the latest Report Card

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IPCC Climate Assessment Reports

Internationally-produced reports about our current understanding climate change, its causes, potential impacts, and response options. Explore IPCC climate reports


Arctic Council Monitoring & Assessment

Reports detail the status of the Arctic in terms of climate and pollution issues, and also include policy-relevant, science-based advice to the Arctic Council and governments. Go to AMAP Reports