How to Join an ACCAP Webinar

How our webinars work

We are using Zoom as our webinar provider. The audio portion of the webinar is through either internet audio or a phone line and the slide presentation is streamed via computer.

Questions? Comments? Suggestions?

Contact ACCAP via email or call (907) 474-7812.

View and listen


  1. Register. Click the registration link in the webinar description and complete the form.
  2. Check your email. You will get an email after registering that directs you to the webinar link. If you register 15 minutes or less before the webinar start time, you will be taken directly into the webinar.
  3. Choose an audio option. Choose only one to avoid feedback issues:
    • Join with computer audio - good option if you have decent internet.
    • Join with phone call - good option if your internet might be unstable.