Focus Areas

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To build healthy and thriving Alaskan communities, economies, and ecosystems in a changing climate, ACCAP is focused on several core areas:

Extreme Events  —  Tribal Resilience

Outreach and Engagement  —  Sustained Assessment

Small Grants —  Evaluation

Extreme Events

Our team researches extreme events and their impacts through an integrated approach. For example, we document socio-economic impacts of extreme climate and weather events, we engage practitioners to determine and meet information needs, and we analyze historical and projected change occurrences to inform policy and decision-making.

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Tribal Resilience

Our team is working on building capacity in Alaska Native communities to support Tribal Resilience. We work with Alaska Native Peoples to investigate boundary spanning and knowledge co-production between communities and climate researchers. Outcomes inform workforce and economic development and adaptation planning.

Featured projects

  • Kake Climate Partnership
  • Building Capacity of Rural Communities to Respond and Adapt to Climate Change

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Village Landing

Outreach and Engagement

Our team advances climate change related outreach, science communication, engagement, and networking in Alaska among diverse groups, including Alaska Native-serving organizations, Tribal governments, Alaska Native communities, state and federal agencies, university scientists, and state and federal policy-makers.

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UAF’s Katie Spellman, principal investigator on a new effort to engage Alaskans in wild berry research, trains educators participating in an earlier citizen science project. Credit: Katie Spellman

Sustained Assessment

Sustained assessment is a supplemental program aimed at deepening engagement with communities, developing networks to share information, delivering climate science and services to support action, and working with communities to monitor and evaluate processes.

Featured projects

  • Sustained Assessment Workshop, June 2022
  • Community of Practice Workshop, September 2022
  • Climate Adaptation Landscape Assessment

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Small Grants

This supplemental program provides funding to statewide and regional non-profit organizations that serve Alaska Native Peoples. The goal of the program is to enhance capacity for resilience and adaptation by supporting efforts to develop local leadership, share relevant scientific information, and create a process for mutual learning.

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Program Evaluation

Our team uses evaluation processes to determine how well our research is informing societal outcomes as well as our internal understanding of what motivates our work, our underlying assumptions, and why we believe that our interventions will lead to anticipated outcomes (our Theory of Change).

Featured projects

  • Kake Climate Partnership co-production assessment
  • Supporting coastal community resilience in Alaska: an evaluation of the Sea Ice for Walrus Outlook (SIWO)

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