Alaska Community Wind Data

See hourly wind data recorded between 1980-2015 for 67 Alaska communities.

Wind roses

For each location, this tool displays “wind roses” showing distributions of wind by speed and direction. Click image to enlarge.

The “spokes” in the rose point in the compass direction from which wind came.

For each spoke, we display frequencies of wind speed occurrence (1%, 4%, 10%, …). These are denoted by concentric circles within each wind rose.

Average wind speeds by month

The tool also shows average monthly wind speeds for the entire 35-year time span. Click image to enlarge.

Boxes represent the 25% and 75% ranges of monthly averages over 35 years.

Dots indicate outliers, or individual values outside the normal variation (1.5 IQR).

Background photo:  A turbine captures wind energy at Toksook Bay, Alaska. (Wikimedia Commons)