Historical Sea Ice Atlas

Do you ...

Live in an Alaska coastal community?

Hunt or fish on the ocean?

Work in shipping or oil and gas?

Serve with the US Coast Guard?

Research Arctic ecosystems?

Have an interest in Arctic sea ice and climate change?

This Atlas is for you.

sea ice data collection methods
Sea ice data have been collected by various methods for a long time. Many of these data are still useful, and are used in the Historical Sea Ice Atlas.

Using this Atlas, you can:

Choose a region and time of interest. Simultaneously view multiple sources of historical sea ice data from the ocean off northern Alaska.

See a map of data collected between the mid-1800s and today, to discover how ice extent and concentration have changed—“snapshots” as well as historical trends in arctic sea ice cover and extent.

This Atlas is not designed for forecasting or prediction, but can provide useful historical context for planning.

Background: Aerial image of Arctic sea ice and open water. (Hajo Eicken)