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ACCAP experts co-author national climate assessment

November 29, 2023

Climate change will have far-reaching consequences to the people of Alaska, according to the fifth National Climate Assessment, a report from the U.S. government released earlier this month. ACCAP’s Sarah…

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Featured Projects and Collaborations

SE Alaska

2022 Southeast Alaska Drought and Extreme Events Workshop

The goal of this workshop was to build on existing efforts and assist with the development of community-driven adaptation strategies to serve the specific needs, challenges, and opportunities of remote, temperate rainforest communities.

Eva Dawn Burke

Healing Through Food and Culture

Eva Dawn Burke’s project titled “Healing Through Food and Culture” and explores the strength, resilience, survival and adaptation of rural communities in Alaska in regards to food sovereignty and security. Specifically, how have these communities used these factors to revitalize their food systems, relying on both traditional foods and agricultural adaptations? How has food, community and culture impacted their health?

Kake, Alaska

Kake Climate Partnership: co-producing climate research in Southeast Alaska

Elizabeth Figus, ACCAP postdoctoral fellow, is carrying out a climate change case study using an Indigenous partnership co-production process with Kake, Alaska.