Interactive Climate Tools

Alaska Community Wind Data

See hourly wind data recorded between 1980-2015 for 67 Alaska communities.

For each location, this tool displays “wind rose” graphics showing distributions of wind by speed and direction. The tool also shows average monthly wind speeds for the entire 35-year time span.

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Historical Sea Ice Atlas

See a map of data collected between the mid-1800s and today, to discover how ice extent and concentration have changed—“snapshots” as well as historical trends in Arctic sea ice cover and extent.

Choose a region and time of interest. Simultaneously view multiple sources of historical sea ice data from the ocean off northern Alaska.

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Statewide Temperature Index

This tool presents a statewide temperature index, a simple indicator that balances accessible information on temperature variation with the complexity of Alaska’s climate. Go to the Temperature Index

Past statewide temperature index figures

Looking for past conditions (starting Jan. 1, 2018)? Please check the archive.

Weather & Climate Highlights Map

Weather and climate events in Alaska and surrounding waters, 2007–present

See daily, multi-day, monthly, and longer time scale events are reported by the NOAA National Weather Service and displayed on a map. Events include high and low wind, rain, snow, heat, cold, ice, fire, and flood events.

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