Outlook Products for Hazardous Weather

Water and wastewater management in Alaska and Louisiana is particularly impacted by extreme cold events such as the winter storm that occured in the southern U.S. in February 2021.

Information available via mobile apps can be lacking

Freezing weather in Louisiana and extreme cold in Alaska are major operational concerns of water managers. While weather forecasts are easy to access, many commonly used mobile apps provide forecasts based on global weather models that do not have the quality control or pay attention to local applicability, sometimes to a costly effect.

NWS products help fill the gaps

In addition to routine daily weather forecasts available from a range of sources, the NOAA National Weather Service (NWS) produces additional hazard guidance that includes threat assessment of unusual cold weather. These are designed to provide a “heads-up” for the potential for high impact weather at the regional scale and would be useful for local planning and response. The NOAA products listed here cover general extreme events. Additional NOAA products provide information on events such as tropical storms and hurricanes.

Day 3-7 United States Hazards Outlook

Day 3-7 U.S. Hazards Outlook

The NWS Weather Prediction Center (WPC) produces a Day 3-7 U.S. Hazards Outlook that depicts probable upcoming weather-related hazards for 3 to 7 days in the future. This outlook is produced daily Monday through Friday and consists of a map with annotated risk areas and a semi-technical text describing the impacted areas and reasoning behind the outlook.

The graphic is available with a static web link so it can be bookmarked for immediate access to the latest product. This can provide water managers with a quick and easy outlook.

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EXAMPLE Day 3-7 U.S. Hazards Outlook

This product combines information from multiple sources to provide a national look at ongoing and expected weather hazards. Shaded areas depict water related hazards, including drought and flooding, while shapes show expected temperatures and precipitation related hazards, including unseasonable or extreme heat and cold and heavy rain and snow.

hazards map

U.S. Week-2 Hazards Outlook
Week-2 Global Probabilistic Extremes Forecast Tool

For more information

See the ACCAP project on building resilience to extreme events and water hazard planning.

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