2022 Southeast Alaska Drought and Extreme Events Workshop

Year: 2022

SE Alaska
Photo by Davin Holen

Title: Drought and Extreme Events: Building collaborations to enhance data, decision making, and adaptation planning in Southeast Alaska

Description: Southeast Alaska is a temperate rainforest that has been experiencing extreme heat and periods of prolonged drought. Dry conditions and extreme drought have had economic impacts and created warming low oxygen environments for salmon which are important for subsistence and commercial economies. In May 2019 a drought workshop for Southeast Alaska was held to refine drought categories for the region, increase awareness of the National Drought Monitor and drought impacts reporting, and highlight available information and resources to assist with adapting to drought. However, since 2019, drought conditions have ceased and Southeast Alaska has experienced extreme wind, rain, and snow events that have had profound societal impacts.

In March 2022, a workshop was held in Juneau, Alaska to share the latest research, data decision support tools, and local monitoring efforts conducted by residents of predominantly rural Southeast Alaska communities. Participants included agencies, academic researchers, Tribes, and others to assess the potential impacts of both drought and extreme events on both the natural and built environments. The workshop included talks and focus groups covering the topics of weather and climate, the forest environment, socioeconomics, and streams and salmon (including the marine environment). 

The goal of this workshop was to build on existing efforts and assist with the development of community-driven adaptation strategies to serve the specific needs, challenges, and opportunities of remote, temperate rainforest communities. The workshop had 82 participants and included talks and participants who attended virtually, as well as in-person from across Southeast Alaska. 

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