Fiscal Pathways

The fiscal pathways for federal funding of Tribal climate adaptation and mitigation are complex and bureaucratic, and significant obstacles exist for Tribes and rural Indigenous peoples in accessing and effectively implementing these funds. The fiscal pathways team is assessing available funding and technical assistance options, as well as the effectiveness of government programs in assisting Tribes in Alaska with climate resilience. The project will also identify strategies for increasing the effectiveness of funding and assistance options and develop reciprocal networks of information exchange and engagement. A case study for this project is being conducted in the Bristol Bay region, where PI Adelheid Herrmann has existing relationships and is building trusted partnerships among researchers, practitioners, regional non-profits, communities, and Tribes. Next steps will be interviewing key informants, planning and implementing a workshop to bring people in the case study region together, and communicating findings in easily accessible formats. Roberta Glenn, Project Coordinator and Community Liaison for AAOKH, has joined the project team to assist with the case study workshop and relationship building, as well as other project goals. We will also be contracting with Bristol Bay Native Association to assist with the workshop organization and Headwater Economics to provide advice, research, data analysis, and outreach strategies.